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Harvok Warranty

Australian Consumer Law

Harvok Vans and Parts Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Harvok Warranty

Harvok warrants to the Owner that it will during the Harvok Warranty Period, at its option, repair, replace or adjust free of charge at the premises of Harvok or a Harvok Approved Service Repairer, the Van or Part which it finds to be defective in factory materials or workmanship under Normal Use and Condition within Australia provided that an Exception does not apply.

No individual (including any agent, employee or representative of Harvok) is authorised to make any representation or warranty concerning the Harvok Warranty except to refer to this document.

Any warranty or representation other than set out in this document, whether written or verbal, is hereby expressly excluded and negatived.

The Harvok Warranty is a contract entered into between Harvok and the Owner. The rights and title to or benefits under the Harvok Warranty are not capable of assignment to any subsequent owner of the Van or Part or any other person. To the maximum extent permissible by law, the Harvok Warranty extinguishes on the sale, transfer or disposal of the Owner’s right, title and interest in the Van or Part.


Each of the following will constitute an exception in which case the Harvok Warranty will cease to apply:

Supplied Parts

Any Parts which are not manufactured or imported by Harvok (“Supplied Parts”) are not covered by the Harvok Warranty to the maximum extent permitted by law in the following respects, which cases Supplied Parts are separately warranted by the manufacturer or importer:

Harvok Warranty Period

The Harvok Warranty Period extending to the installation of Supplied Parts will differ for each Supplied Part and from the separate warranty from the manufacturer or importer of the Supplied Part.

Table 2 sets out the Harvok Warranty Period from Practical Completion and reference to Supplied Part which carries warranty period specified by the supplier of that part.

These lengths of time may change from time to time and are outside of the control of Harvok. Harvok provides no warranty or representation that the periods of time of Supplied Parts won’t change.

Supplied Part


How to Claim

The Owner must notify Harvok in writing detailing any defects for which a claim under the Harvok Warranty is being made.

The Customer must submit a detailed claim which includes:

The cost of delivery and collection of the Van to and from Harvok or a Harvok Approved Service Repairer are an Owner’s responsibility, unless the defect covered by the Harvok Warranty prevents the Van being safely delivered by the Owner.

In the event the Van becomes inoperative or unsafe as a result of a defect which is covered by the Harvok Warranty, the Owner must:

If requested by the Owner, Harvok may carry out repairs or services for a defect covered by the Harvok Warranty on-site at the location of the Van on payment by the Owner of a call out fee determined by Harvok.

Harvok will not reimburse any repair work carried out by a person other than a Harvok Approved Service Repairer and/or without prior express, written consent of Harvok.


The repair or replacement of the Van or Part is the absolute limit of Harvok ’s liability under this document. Parts and labour used and supplied to rectify a defect covered by the Harvok Warranty are free of charge.

Harvok will repair defects covered by the Harvok Warranty using Parts of a similar quality and may replace any Parts or repair a defect with refurbished goods of the same type and quality.

Harvok is not responsible for loss of time, inconvenience or other loss resulting from a defect. The Harvok Warranty covers only the repair, replacement or adjustment of the Van found by Harvok to be defective and covered by the Harvok Warranty.

After delivery of a Van or Part subject of a claim under a Harvok Warranty to Harvok or a Harvok Approved Service Repairer, if Harvok determines the Van or Part is free from a defect covered by the Harvok Warranty then Harvok may recover the cost and expense of inspecting, investigating and testing the defect from the Owner.

The Harvok Warranty does not cover regular service costs, maintenance costs and wear and tear items since they do not arise from defects in factory materials or workmanship.

To avoid warranty issues, service schedule guide as outlined in the Owner’s Manual should be followed.

If the Van is used in harsh conditions (such as beach and off-road environments or in extreme climatic areas), or with care less and reckless driving habits then additional or more frequent maintenance services may be required. Costs, maintenance items and other wear and tear items not covered by the Harvok Warranty include:


In this document, the below words have their corresponding meaning.

Activate Your Warranty Support Service

How To Claim The Warranty

Please “Activate Your Warranty Support Service” First
And then fill the form warranty claim form and return back on us

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Harvok Servicing

Whether you need to conduct routine servicing or running repairs our authorised service centres and accredited dealers are here to support you. We have a dedicated network of authorised service providers and dealers nationwide.

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