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Harvok® electric caravans are designed to allow you to enjoy real freedom and sustainable caravaning. Real freedom is when you can plan your trip minimize the relying on gas and power grid which limit where and how long you can explore in comfort.

Pioneer Of Australia RV Manufacturing

Harvok was founded by an Australian caravan engineer who wanted to focus on revolutionary caravans. These electric caravans will be a better option to go free camping and experience real freedom travelling around Australia. The founder believes that Australian caravans with electric and monocoque technology and are going to be the best caravan in the world to be able to explore further and tougher, and most importantly it’s worth sharing with the rest of the world.

Harvok Co., Ltd was established in 2018 in China as a center of manufacturing and R&D. The Harvok Eco-Factory is built to manufacture motorhomes and caravans on a 130,000 m^2 land operated by Australians in a world class standard. Harvok Pty Ltd is Australia head office located in VIC to serve Australian customers.

Harvok Monocoque 48V Electric Caravan


  1. The Harvok Eco-Factory is on 130,000 m^2 of land which means we could fit 6.5 MCGs on it.
  2. 20,000 m^2 the world class Motorhome and Caravan production assembly line with 55 workstations on a dust-resistance epoxy floor. This is the size of 1 MCG.
  3. 32,000 m^2 Green land covered by more than 30 kinds of plants and 200 trees as camping ground for R&D and trial real camping test. This is 1.5 MCGs.
  4. The first sino-foreign venture RV manufacturer in the Hubei Province.
  5. One of the largest sino-foreign venture RV manufacturers in China with production capabilities of 2000 plus units per year.

Remember We Are The Nation Of Innovation

Australia is always recognized as a nation of innovation, ranked 1st for technological readiness and about 44% of Australian firms are ‘Innovation-active’. Harvok Pty Ltd is also an innovation driven company with a strong vision of making life simple, better and sustainable. Harvok Invested millions of dollars for R&D.

Harvok | Electric Caravans


  1. Invested $1.3 million to purchase an Automatic Dual Deck CNC Laser Machine for precise metal cutting.
  2. Invested $0.75 million on an over sized CNC router for one piece no join wall construction.
  3. Invested $0.82 million on a over sized vacuum press workstation for single piece no joint composite wall construction
  4. Invested $4 million for our test facilities including a towing test ground under construction. There are more facilities and machines we invested into R&D. In fact Harvok is one of the most fully equipped RV manufacturers in China and we will continue to invest in innovations to make sure our customers have the best value products.

Harvok Exceptional Quality

Harvok is mad about quality control and consistency of construction. We have strict QC procedures and advanced testing facilities. Harvok Invented the first 150 meters long automated testing line with a rain test, visual inspection and sterilization system. Harvok is also building a testing ground for road condition tests. That is not the end of our quality control madness. There are also 88 smart cameras installed to oversee the production line in real time. The Madness of quality control will ensure our customers have the best products in hand, enjoying time with people around and surrounding nature, not disturbed by poor quality camping rigs.

To Be Proud Of Your Harvok Caravan

You should be proud of your Harvok caravan, it is the continuance of traditional Aussie camping with the latest technologies. Harvok electric technology and monocoque body is the future with more freedom and a real home away from home. Harvok is also the first RV manufacturing company owned and operated by Australians going overseas to explore the RV market other than just Australia. We believe that Australian good designs and caravanning cultures are worth sharing.

Harvok Monocoque Caravans

Value For Money, Everyone Deserve Access To The Future Technology

Harvok manufactures major parts and designs core technology in house. Every caravan not only equipped with advanced power systems, but also real Monocoque structure built like your car from 2022 onwards.

Harvok Electric Caravans

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