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Explore Remote Australia With Harvok’s 48V Electric Caravans – Best OFF Road Family Caravan

Experience the freedom of true remote camping… with the security and creature comforts of home. Harvok’s electric 19’6” Caravans allows you to travel longer and rougher in luxury, so you never have to compete for powered sites again. Escape the crowds at caravan parks and experience the future of remote adventures.

The Future Of Adventure Is Here

Our revolutionary 48V electric caravans boasts unparalleled power, efficiency and performance – everything you need to live out your wildest travel dreams.

48V Electric Caravan

1000W marine grade flex solar panels on the roof to harvest as much free energy as possible (Can support upto 2000W, depends on available roof space)

Luxury Caravan

Harvok patented power system to elevate power efficiency to next level, the better the efficiency, the longer you will enjoy at your favorite spots.

Harvok | Monocoque Caravan

New monocoque structure to all Harvok models, no joints, no potential leaks, single piece body including chassis manufactured just like your car.  –  Powered by Halo Empower

OFF Road Caravan | Best Built rvs

Lightning charging while cruising on the road, equipped DC-DC Charger as standard.

Patent Caravan Power System

Equipped patented SPMS power system that gives intuitive control like you are home, remote control, electric awning and more.

Luxury Caravan

48V lithium batteries on board to allow you live like home, just plug and play using your favorite appliances wherever you go.

Good Design Caravan

We believe the thoughtful features and detail designs make difference.

Good Value Caravan

All our models are fully featured, it is a self-contained home.

Harvok’s Exclusive Patented Technology Lets You Take Your Lifestyle On The Road

Harvok’s patented Smart Power Management System (SPMS) is designed for intuitive power use and optimal efficiency. SMPS brings the experience you’re used to at home to even the most secluded locations. With power that goes further and lasts longer, you’ll experience the ultimate in comfort and safety only available from a Harvok caravans.

Electric Caravan | Best Built rvs

Camp at your favorite spots
And Live like you are home – Electric Caravan

The Harvok electric caravans lets you travel to hidden places in luxury, without compromising your home experience. Reducing your reliance on the grid, and take your favorite appliances along for the ride with plug and play convenience from a standard 3000W inverter (5000W is available). Bring the comfort and technology of home to remote coastlines, rugged outback, or wild national parks.

Harvok | OFF Road Caravans for Sale

Why can’t we have a caravan built like modern car? Harvok® Monocoque one-piece body just built like your car.

No joints and no leaks, no more glues, screws and trim molds, The Harvok Monocoque Caravans is one single piece structure by cold pressing and robotic welding like your car. No timber walls, no more hand laid insulation foams. It also brings better stability and durability since no more walls “sit” on the chassis, it is all one piece! –  Powered by Halo Empower

Harvok Monocoque Caravans

Monocoque 48V Electric Caravans

Having a Harvok caravan built like a car with patented 48V power system, it is truly a masterpiece. Don’t work hard for the technology, we will let the technology work for you.

Monocoque 48V Electric Caravans

Picture this…

You and your family spend time off the grid in remote Australia – there’s not a powered campsite around.

Every morning you take a steaming hot shower before setting your laptop up for work. You sip a coffee made using your espresso machine while the kids watch TV in the background. In the evenings you put your devices on charge, play your favorite music on the stereo and cook a gourmet dinner in your stunning kitchen. All the while you have full control over your power supply at the touch of a button.

All the luxuries of home, on the road.

Does life get any better?

Full OFF Road Caravans | Harvok

Harvok® Intuitive  Control Gives You Hassle-Free Camping

  • Smart system gives you control over electronics at the touch of  buttons
  • Electric Awning at a touch, no fitly setup anymore.
  • Remote control located at your convenience
  • Monitor your system at a glance for easy and simple use.
Harvok Caravan

Harvok Caravans Designed For Superior Durability

Specially engineered with the rugged Australian landscape in mind,all Harvok’s caravan is tough enough to withstand most conditions Mother Nature throws its way.

Harvok Electric Caravna for sale Australia

Automotive Lock System for simple, secure travel.

Harvok | The Best Caravan

Electrophoretic Coating on the Harvok Chassis is anti-corrosive and rust resistant

OFF Road Caravan | Best Built rvs

3.6T suspension with twin Nitro Gas struts and 16-inch MT tires to take you off road

Electric Caravans | Harvok

Lighting inside and out for convenience and safety

6 Series Marine Grade Aluminium Frames, Froof, Front and Backs

Harvok® caravans are designed to withstand extreme conditions, All Harvok® caravans will use Monocoque body, built like your car.

25mm single piece honeycomb composite floor, no joints, no water ingress; no wood floor, no rot.

Single piece floor designed for rigidity and durability

Designed For Superior Durability

At Harvok we simply don’t compromise on quality, and that extends to our guarantee. Our caravans are built for the highest-grade performance, even in the most unforgiving environments. That’s why we cover your caravans with our comprehensive ‘Premium Camper’ guarantee, to give you complete peace of mind while you travel. Your Harvok Caravan is covered by the following:

Harvok Warranty | The Best OFF Road Caravan

The Harvok Power System has a lifetime of interface firmware support to ensure your caravan’s power system is always maintained to the gold standard. You won’t find another guarantee like this anywhere else in the industry, we can promise you that. * First Owner Only and Apply to Harvok 48V Power System Only.

Electric Caravans | Harvok

Harvok’s Electric RVs – Your
Home Away From Home

Harvok® 48V Electric RVs lets you take power to places other people can’t. Explore hidden locations off the grid and keep away from crowded campsites, without sacrificing the technology and luxury of your own home. lets you take power to places other people can’t. Explore hidden locations off the grid and keep away from crowded campsites, without sacrificing the technology and luxury of your own home.

Harvok® Electric Caravans

  • Longer Free Camping
  • Remote Luxury Adventure
  • Plug And Play Your Favorite Appliances
  • Patented Technology
  • More Efficient Energy Management
  • Safer Power System
  • Solar Roof For Sustainable Power
  • Faster Charging Rate

Normal Caravan

  • Pay For Powered Camp Sites
  • Battle The Crowds
  • Tethered To The Grid
  • Manual Set Ups And Hassles
  • Short Of Power
  • Heavy Relay On Fuses And Switches
  • Inefficient And Unsustainable
  • Not Standard And Not Quick Enough
Harvok | Monocoque Caravan

Finally End Your Reliance On Powered Camp Sites

Don’t ruin your travel dreams by depending on the grid! Get the true nomad travel experience and enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of the open road

Harvok | The Best Caravan

No More Fighting The Crowds At Peak Travel Times

Electric caravans are the future of remote travel – stay ahead of the crowd and stop competing for those coveted campsites during the busy months

Harvok | Best Built Caravan

The Quick And Easy Way To Camp For Free

Our patented and powerful system means that you can camp for free for period of time, without paying for a single powered campsite.

Harvok | Electric Caravan

How To Camp In Comfort Anywhere You Want!

Imagine… coming across a gorgeous location, pulling right over, and setting up camp for the night with a push of a button – what could be better?

Harvok | Electric Caravans

Avoid Sweaty Hot Days And Freezing Cold Nights

Discover the advanced Harvok power system that will power the Air-con for cooling and heating keeping Aussie grey nomads and adventurers comfortable, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions | Electric Caravans

Do you have a layout for a family with bunks?

Yes, we have a family bunk van with 3 bunks.

Is this van powered by electricity only?

Yes, Full electrical, just plug and play, like you are home.

How long will the battery last?

Having 14.4Kwh on board, that is similar like Tesla Powerwall 13.5 KwH. It is a lot more than standard caravan. Plus various sources of charging such as 1000W solar panels on the roof as standard and up to 100Amp/h@12V while you are towing it. It will allow you to stay off-grid longer than before. However, the exact time will depends on the appliances you carry on board and how often you use them.

Do I know how long the battery will last? I don't want to run out of battery in surprise.

You can see exact how long the battery will last in hours in real time, no surprises.

Can I see exactly how much power I am getting from solar panels?

Yes, you can, real time charging rate will be displayed on central control

Is this caravan built for off road?

Yes, built for tough off road, full aluminium frame and anti corrosion coated chassis

Do I need to buy 48V appliances for the Van?

No. Power will be converted to 12V and 240V with an inverter. 12V appliances or 240V appliances.

Do I need to install a separate DC-DC charger in my tow vehicle to be able to charge the van while towing on the road?

No. The van has a DC-DC charger installed already as standard. It can support up to 100Amp/hour at 12V.

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